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Innovative backup energy technology with a modern aesthetic sensibility

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The Power Plant(er) - is a powder coated stainless steel planter housing a backup power unit that will provide a continuous clean, surge free, pure sine wave power supply during load shedding and power outages. A choice of Power Pod 1 or Power Pod 3 power options can be housed in the planter - choose what works best for you.

The Power Plant(er) is super easy to use with no technical knowledge necessary and designed to be plugged into a wall socket. The unit is supplied with wheels to allow easy maneuverability.

The length of time that the unit will provide power while the national grid is unavailable will depend on :
A. the size of the unit and battery capacity and
B. the number and type of appliances attached - dependant on the power each appliance draws.

The Power Plant(er) is available in two heights 1100mm high x 500 x 500mm and 850mm high x 500 x 500mm. The power plant(er) units have a shallow top tray for placing an artificial or decorative plant (not suitable for live planting).

The Power Plant(er) units can be supplied in any Plascon or Dulux colour code.



Power Plant(er)

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Reasons to buy a Power Plant unit


• Can be used safely indoors for homes, offices and apartments
Relatively soundless, continuous power
• Seamless switch over to battery power when the national grid is off
• Environmentally friendly - emits zero carbon emissions
• Provides the lowest operating cost solution compared to generator or gas power
• Choice of power options depending on need