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  Power Pod 10  
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The Power Pod 10 - 10000VA / 8000W - is a True Online Double Inversion UPS unit with 2160W of DC battery power which will provide a continuous clean, surge free, pure sine wave power supply during load shedding and power outages.

Power Pod 10 is designed to be installed and run permanently (by an electrician) through your electrical distribution board in your home or office. The unit is supplied with wheels to allow easy maneuverability. The unit will emit a fan noise - which is necessary to prevent over heating which may compromise / reduce the functionality of the components.

The length of time that the unit will provide power while the national grid is unavailable will depend on :
A. the size of the unit and battery capacity and
B. the number and type of appliances attached - dependant on the power each appliance draws. See the chart below showing a general guide to what can be used.

This unit is ideal for homes and offices and with the addition of the backup battery unit will offer an extended backup facility.

The Power Pod 10 unit and optional additional battery backup unit (which adds an additional 40 x 12V 7.2Ah batteries) are supplied in black only.

Size: 600 mm high x 250 x 555mm
Weight: 81kg
Battries: 20 x AGM - Absorbent Glass Mat - 12V 7.2Ah deep cycle batteries



Power Pod 10

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Power Pod unit with (optional) additional backup battery unit



  Power Pod 10  

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Reasons to buy a Power Plant unit


• Can be used safely indoors for homes, offices and apartments
Relatively soundless, continuous power
• Units are supplied with a surge protecting plug
• Seamless switch over to battery power when the national grid is off
• Environmentally friendly - emits zero carbon emissions
• Provides the lowest operating cost solution compared to generator or gas power
• Choice of power options depending on need