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Innovative backup energy technology with a modern aesthetic sensibility

Power Pod 1
Power Pod 3
Power Pod 10
  Power Plant(er)
5KVA Inverter

Power plant has 3 power options available -

Power Pod 1 - 1000VA / 800W

Power Pod 3 - 3000VA / 2400W

Power Pod 10 - 10000VA / 8000W

The basic units are manufactured of powder coated metal casings on wheels to allow easy maneuverability. The Power Pod 1 and Power Pod 3 options can be supplied in the form of a planter which acts as a decorative element while serving a vital function, specifically in a corporate environment.

Your choice of unit will depend on how often and how long your power goes out for and how many things you want to use during the outages – and on your budget.


5KVA Inverter - a solar ready pure sine wave inverter


Power Pod 1 Power Plant
Power Pod 10 5KVA Inverter
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Reasons to buy a Power Plant unit


• Can be used safely indoors for homes, offices and apartments
Relatively soundless, continuous power
• Seamless switch over to battery power when the national grid is off
• Environmentally friendly - emits zero carbon emissions
• Provides the lowest operating cost solution compared to generator or gas power
• Choice of power options depending on need